3Commas – Discover the Benefits of Using a 3 Commas Trading Robot

3Commas - Discover the Benefits of Using a 3 Commas Trading Robot

Smart trade is one of the many features offered by 3commas. Traders can set up their positions to hold open until the take profit target is met, and then close their positions when the price falls below a certain percentage. This allows traders to follow price movements to their top target, taking profit when the market exhausts itself. Using trailing stop is also an excellent feature to have when using 3commas. This feature lets you follow the price to its top and exit when it reaches the bottom.

Options bots

If you are considering purchasing an automated trading bot, then the 3Commas system will meet all your requirements. It is a good idea to look for one with this feature, as it will help you limit the trading volume your bot can execute. The 3Commas system uses TradingView to determine the best exit strategy, and you can change its settings to suit your own needs. To find the best bot for your needs, read this article to discover the many benefits of using one.


Grid bots

The Grid Bot is designed to execute buy and sell orders at regular intervals, allowing you to make profits from price fluctuations. It divides a range into several grids, which the bot trades in when the price crosses over them. With the help of this trading bot, you can trade multiple assets at once, making more profits in the long run. It also supports all types of exchanges. Grid bots with 3 commas are free for use on Kucoin.

Simple bots

If you are looking for a simple bot to make money on the cryptocurrency exchanges, then 3Commas might be what you’re looking for. It allows you to see all the exchanges you can trade on and allocate percentages to the coins you want to trade. Once you’ve assigned the percentages to the different coins, 3Commas will automatically make purchases and keep your portfolio balanced. You can even set it up to sell/buy pairs when the ratios break.

Composite bots

If you have ever wondered how a trading robot performs in the markets, you’ve probably come across a composite bot. A composite bot, as its name suggests, is a script that runs on your behalf. Once you’ve set a take profit percentage (usually in the low single digits or around 1%), the bot will begin trading, automatically setting a new buy order whenever the previous one is closed. If you change the number of the trading pair, the bot will make a new buy order based on the technical indicator and close the previous one.

Monthly subscriptions

Although you can use a free trial of 3Commas to make an informed decision about whether or not to subscribe, you should also know that the company’s terms of service are vague. It does not say exactly what the company does with the data it collects, but it is clear that the company does track trade data related to strategies, gains, and individuals. The monthly subscription fee varies depending on the payment plan you choose, and you can add features to the plan as your trading needs grow. The Starter package, for instance, costs 22/25/29 USD monthly or yearly.

Free trial

The three Commas software has more than 30,000 users, but the service’s features and performance don’t quite match up. Although it is easy to use and has a clean interface, the number of features is intimidating for those new to cryptocurrency trading. For this reason, it’s best to sign up for a Free Trial with 3 Commas. If you’d like to try out 3Commas’ trading bot, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.